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Moccasins of the Plains Indian, Southwest, Woodlands, Prairies, Plateau and Basin

plains indian moccasins


- Sioux, Cheyenne, Blackfeet, Crow, Nez Perce, Apache, Cree, Woodlands, etc.

Native American Moccasins
For a great fit, we work from tracings of your feet, plus some simple measurements> We do not use a pattern or a shoe size. They are made to fit you.Our Moccasins are hand made and hand beaded (using glass seed beads of various sizes - determined by the design) on smoked or brain-tanned buckskin, elk and buffalo (double and triple soled). We work with each client to design the style and type of each individual moccasin - encompassing elements such as tribal style, bead color and pattern, etc. We also replicate a lot of old moccasins from museum photographs. Moccasins are sometimes aged to look old depending on your preference.
Example of Cheyenne / Arapaho moccasins (replica) circa 1895 aged to look old, clay paints, glass beads
Lakota Sioux Moccasins
Southern Cheyenne Moccasins
Plains Indian Moccasins
Lakota Sioux moccasins - replica ca. late 1800'sThese moccasin were antiqued to look old
Southern Cheyenne Moccasins
Plains Indian Moccasins
Plains moccasins made for a client in Washington State (buffalo rawhide soles / deer skin insoles)
plateau moccasins
Caddo / Cherokee  Moccasins
Shoshone Moccasins
made for a client in Nevada

These moccasins are Plateau style although they do not feature the side seam mostly common to this area (as per the clients request) - although Plateau Indians also wore this style. Size 13 cut beads

Caddo / Cherokee moccasins(these were not colored)
Plains Indian Moccasins and Leggings
Apache Moccasins
Southern Cheyenne Moccasin
Shoshone Moccasins
Iroquois Moccasins
Ladies Plains moccasins & leggings(featuring the dragonfly with leggings
Apache moccasins with turned-up toe

Iroquois / Oneida moccasins made for a client in Massachusetts (museum replica)


Southern Cheyenne
Cherokee Moccasins
Comanche Moccasins
Sioux Wolf Paw Moccasins
Sioux Moccasins
Comanche Moccasins
Sioux moccasins on Elk hide
Cherokee moccasins - lined in velvet
Sioux (wolf paw) moccasins
Cheyenne Moccasins
Apache Moccasins
Southwestern Style Moccasins
Southwestern Style Moccasin Boots
note: customer did not want a traditional Apache boot

Apache Moccasins9

Southern Cheyenne Moccasins

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