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Native American War Bonnets 3

Native American headdress
Plains Indian War Bonnet
HEADDRESS with split Buffalo Horns
This one features split-buffalo horns, ermine, natural dyed feathers, natural clay pigment paints, natural horse hair, Buffalo hair (from tail and leggings), deer skullcap with rabbit skin, feather drops, hand wrapped feather wraps (blue - natural clay pigments), hand beaded (lazy stitch) brow band (glass seed beads), old trade beads, hawk bells, headdress aged to look old

A HEADDRESS LIKE THIS EXAMPLE WAS COMMISIONED BY STAGE ONE - a nationally acclaimed professional theatre in Louisville Kentucky

Native American war bonnett
Plains Indian Trailer Headdress

This headdress is in a private collection in Wyoming


Many deeds have I done and for each I have earned a feather from the eagle, Great Spirit. I have hunted and counted coup on many enemies and have proved myself to be worthy of this crown. My teepee, my home and the circle of life are represented here along with the blessings of the elk and deer. The ermine of richness hangs from each side and I have done well. I am Chief and I am proud.

This headdress was made for a Cherokee Indian and was not antiqued (Note: The Cherokee did not wear this style of headdress). A bonnet based on this one was also made for TOMMY HILFIGER's global flagship store in Manhattan
Plains Indian headdress
Trailer Headdress
This headdress is slightly different to headdresses that we make as they are usually older than this one and we antique them to look old.
Although it does have some age, this headdress is based on the one presented to Calvin Coolidge in 1927 in the Black Hills of South Dakota by Sitting Bull's nephew. The original is housed at the Calvin Coolidge library. There is a tremendous amount of beadwork. The split trailer is edge beaded with a total of 4 beaded motifs on each side.
Back of war bonnett Native American headdress

This single trailer headdress was created for a private collector in Pennsylvania - to their remit. He wanted a headdress that featured blue and white beads with blue calico feather wraps. This headdress was not antiqued.

The trailer on this one was edge beaded

back of headdress

This headdress is in the private collection of one of our clients in the States

War Bonnet - lazy stitch brow band (glass seed beads), ermine drops, gypsum coup dots, horse hair (dyed with clay paint), calico wraps (dyed with clay earth paints), fluffs (dyed with clay earth paint), sinew, deer skin, rabbit, trade cloth, wrapped beaded major plume. (Headdress can be made with elk cap and covered with otter fur or ermine, etc)

Plains Indian Headdress
Sioux Headdress

Replica of a SIOUX HEADDRESS - Single Trailer

glass beads, deer skin, ermine, etc.

Trailer is lined with deer skin and feature beaded trim on red trade cloth trailers.

Feather wraps were all individually and hand sewn

Headdress was heavily antiqued to look old

private collection in the USA

Blackfoot Headdress
Beadwork inspired by a headdress worn by Hollow Horn Bear (Sioux name Matihehlogego) (1850–1913) - Brulé Sioux. split Buffalo horns, red ochre, clay dyed fluffs, deer skin cap with bison fur, calico feather wraps, horse hair, trade cloth, hawk bells, gypsum coup dots, etc.
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