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contemporary medicine neck bags, medicine bags, belt pouches, etc.

Medicine in the Native American belief is anything that brings one closer to ones connection with himself and his greater source of power. A medicine bag would contain items such as stones, feathers, parts of sacred power animals, and anything else he would draw power from. It could contain items from loved ones and/or herbs for healing of the body, mind and spirit. These bags were also used to house their arrows and weapons, peace pipes or flutes. They were decorated in traditional designs done in beadwork or paint. Feathers, hair, leather, teeth, or other parts of animals were also used in the decoration of these bags.


(Medicine bags are custom-made to your specific requirements, color of  beads, bead design, stone, accessories, and color of leather)

3-1/2" x 4-1/2" X

6" x 8" X

8-1/2" x 10"X with double fringe

12" x18"

Please note: sizes do not include the fringe

colors of leather: smoked (natural), gold, dusk, palomino, cream, brown, reddish brown, white, turquoise, green, red, royal blue, purple, grey, black (different shades available) - (brain tan - please request price)

If you would like your medicine bag or a neck bag, etc. - made to a size not listed - please contact us for a price quote.


my medicine bag (Barry's)


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