I heard Sharon on the phone the other day with a client telling them about her past and her Indian heritage. I thought, why don't we say that on our web site? So here is what she said.....

"My Great Grandfather was a full blood Cherokee. You can find him on the Dawes Rolls. He married my Grandmother who Scottish ancestry. They were moved onto the reservation in Oklahoma".

Although Sharon is of Cherokee heritage and from Texas, she is at this time not enrolled with the Cherokee Nation. Therefore, she cannot state that the art she produces is Native American made. Her great grandfather appears on the Dawes Rolls, but in order for her to be enrolled - she must find the missing birth certificate of her grandmother. Sharon cannot find out whether she was born on the reservation in Oklahoma or in Texas. Further to this, the funeral home where her grandmother was buried caught on fire and those records were destroyed sometime in the 50's or 60's. The search goes on...

For many folks, this does not prove to be a problem as you cannot take away someone's heritage of culture just because they do not possess a piece of paper that states that they are Native American or not. The art pieces that Sharon hand makes stand testament to the culture. She is passionate as well as I am about representing her culture – -Native American culture to the best of our ability Through this, we provide many pieces for Native American themselves, collectors, museums and the media, etc. Although Sharon is American - born in Texas and lived in States such as Arizona, Wyoming and Alaska for much of her life, she has made a home with me in Scotland. I am not a stranger to the US either, Although British - I lived a lot my life in Seattle. We now just happen to be living in Scotland (by the way, it is a lot like parts of Colorado, Montana, Idaho, Washington and Alberta Canada). Sharon is passionate about representing her culture the correct wa, just as I am. Even the so-called scholars/historians of Native American culture and other Native Americans do not always agree. There can always be a healthy debate and we do not purport to know everything about the culture, ceremonies or history, etc. Like most, we are always continuing to learn. We do however like to answer any questions that you may have about the Native American Indian - whether it be about cultural, ceremonial, historical or educational aspects.We live with our two dogs, and our North American Buffalo on a small holding.

When we started Native Arts Trading some 17 years plus ago, we were interested in art pieces that were hand made, that told a story and represented all good aspects about traditional and contemporary Native American Indian art. We made a conscious decision not to get involved with the so called tourist/novelty items, but remain very faithful to Native American Indian artisans.

We have - and continue to work with some very talented enrolled Native American artisans from Jerry Lefthand (Navajo), Dan Bert Yazzie (Navajo / Hopi), Dow Haddaway (Shawnee), Marvin Yazzie (Navajo), Cheyenne / Arapaho, Sioux, Apache, Woodlands artists, etc., to name but a few. You will see some of their work showcased on our web site with their tribal affiliation noted.

Over the years, some of these artisans have come and gone, but we still continue to work closely with many other Native Americans that make items for us such as bows, other weaponry, pipes, flutes, jewelry, etc.We did decide sometime ago that we no longer wanted to carry a huge amount of art from Native American artisans that we really did not know or did not have a personal relationship with them. We wanted to pursue and to continue to work with artisans on a custom basis and are continuing looking for other talented Native American artists all of the time.


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